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Composer: Kevin Kendle

 Kevin Kendle is an internationally renowned musician and comoser who has gained a reputation for producing consistently high quality music. He has long been aware of the therapeutic power of music in influencing moods to create relaxing atmospheres and for use with healing techniques. His music is used by many practitioners where healing of the mind, body and soul is desired.

Kevin's music is also used in the applications of reiki, pilates, yoga, Feng Shui, aromatherapy, head massage, relaxation, reflexology, hypnotherapy, dieting, hypertension relief, tantric sex, dieting, meditation, therapeutic stress relief and spiritual healing of the mind, body and soul.

Kevin Kendle's music, which has an organic, timeless feel, has been used by the BBC, ITV television networks, production companies, in television programmes, films and broadcast applications worldwide. His music transports the listener deep into the heart of their inner being, creating peaceful and tranquil moments.

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EMCD 001 - Water Music
EMCD 003 - Eventide
EMCD 005 - First Light
First Light
EMCD 006 - Aerial Vistas
Aerial Vistas
EMCD 007 - Spring
EMDS 01 - Light fom Orion
Light From Orion
EMCD 002 - Autumn 
EMCD 009 - Winter 
EMDS O2 - Lagoon of Eternity 
Lagoon of Eternity
EMDS03 Light From the Pleiades 
Light From The Pleiades
The Mandarin's Garden
The Mandarin's Garden


The Leaves of Paradise 
Leaves of Paradise

Clouds 2
Clouds 2

 Terra (Music for Mother Earth) 
Terra (Music for Mother Earth)

Light From Andromeda
Light From Andromeda


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