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Composers Duration
  1 POPULAR MOZART Elon Davies 259
DescriptionOrchestral concerto featuring violin and oboe, light, bright and bouncy, in the style of Vanessa Mae, Nigel Kennedy and Mozart
  2 SPIRAL GALAXY Robert Fossey 228
DescriptionTimeless, reflective, outer space, subterranean, oceanic, ethereal, atmos theme
  3 SUMMER STROLL Roby Lang 124
DescriptionWarm, bright, relaxing, dreamy, happy, solo acoustic guitar theme
  4 CLASSICAL BACH Barbara Mulree 223
DescriptionOrchestral concerto featuring cello and strings, bright, celebratory, jolly, jubilant theme
  5 CELESTIAL Richard Hinsley 207
DescriptionMajestic, expectant, new birth, reflective, warm, gentle, ethereal, atmos theme
  6 CYBERMAN Wendy Patrick 231
DescriptionMysterious, expectant, positive, constant motion, rhythmic theme
  7 TRAPPED Frank Millum 259
DescriptionSinister, dramatic, menacing, mysterious, constant motion, suspense theme
  8 WATERWAYS Roby Lang 109
DescriptionRelaxing, peaceful, calm, gentle, pastoral, light, bright, solo acoustic guitar theme
  9 CONCERTO VIVACE Barbara Mulree 406
DescriptionOrchestral concerto, light-hearted, rousing, optimistic, proud, jubilant
  10 AFTER DARK Solomon Sait 225
DescriptionRelaxed, sentimental, late night / cabaret theme featuring piano and saxophone
  11 WOMB David Jackson 102
DescriptionCold, desolate, eerie, haunting, sinister, pulsing, suspenseful horror theme
  12 ACTION DRAMA John Crewdson 235
DescriptionRhythmic, constant pursuit, relentless, urgent, purposeful, drama theme
  13 GOING FISHING Roby Lang 102
DescriptionHappy, relaxed, dreamy, pastoral, light melody, solo acoustic guitar theme
  14 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Anthony Walton 220
DescriptionPunchy, driving, assertive, purposeful, dramatic, action theme
  15 OCEAN CRUISE Paul Pinder 318
DescriptionEasy going, relaxed, happy, optimistic, leisure, orchestral, dance-band theme
  16 CELTIC THEME Richard Hinsley 319
DescriptionExpectant with a sense of wonderment, majestic, mysterious theme
  17 BIG BAND SWING Eric Barker 210
DescriptionEasy going, leisurely, bright, happy, big band, ballroom dance theme
  18 ON THE RIVER Roby Lang 114
DescriptionReflective, calm, peaceful, relaxed, light melody, solo acoustic guitar theme
  19 WATER GARDEN Frank Millum 238
DescriptionMysterious, innocent, reflective, nostalgic, ethereal, atmos, orchestral theme
  20 FEELING BLUE Tony Phillips 245
DescriptionSlow tempo, 1960s small group, Hank Marvin / Shadows guitar theme
  21 HOLIDAY DREAMS David Cherrett 230
DescriptionCarefree, dreamy, romantic, easy going, relaxed, leisure theme
  22 MATRIX David Jackson 117
DescriptionMorbid, haunting, desolate, eerie, sinister, cold, tension, suspenseful, horror theme
  23 COUNTRY DANCING Roby Lang 042
DescriptionEasy going, jaunty, leisurely, happy, light melody, acoustic guitar theme
  24 HOLIDAYS Solomon Sait 234
DescriptionBright, optimistic, easy going, leisure, holiday, travel, orchestral, guitar theme
  25 UNDERCURRENT Wendy Patrick 220
DescriptionExploratory into expansive, mysterious, timeless, floating, drifting, space, oceanic, subterranean, ethereal, atmospheric theme
  26 REFLECTIONS Roby Lang 141
DescriptionNostalgic, romantic, relaxed, reflective, warm, gentle, solo acoustic guitar theme
  27 ROCK ANTHEM Richard Hinsley 235
DescriptionMedium up tempo, triumphant, celebratory, exhilarating, small group, rock guitar theme featuring guitar and piano with brass fanfares
  28 RAG NAIL Roby Lang 116
DescriptionMedium tempo, lively, bright, easy going, ragtime, finger-picking, solo acoustic guitar theme
  29 CLOUDS Solomon Sait 228
DescriptionSlow tempo, tranquil, floating, drifting, peaceful, relaxed, intimate, ethereal theme
  30 SPORT CRAZY Frank Millum 200
DescriptionUp tempo, exciting, lively, purposeful, bright, catchy, rhythmic, quirky, positive, house-pop theme
  31 POND LIFE Roby Lang 121
DescriptionMedium tempo, simple, pastoral, positive, purposeful, bright, solo acoustic guitar theme
  32 IRISH JIG Anthony Walton 231
DescriptionMediaeval, Celtic / Irish jig dance, happy, lively, optimistic, celebratory, triumphant theme
  33 COUNTRY CANTER Roby Lang 055
DescriptionBright, lively, relaxed, happy, with a feeling of contentment and laziness, solo acoustic guitar theme
  34 VIVALDI Colin Eade / Roderick Jones 033
DescriptionConcerto for violin with full orchestral accompaniment, bright, uplifting, expressive theme in the style of Vivaldi, Nigel Kennedy and Vanessa Mae
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